30 Years in Business

Among the many titles on his lengthy resume are rapper/ freestyle MC, music writer, dj, hiphop spokesman, recording artist and radio host. With now three decades of field experience under his belt, TLP always was and remains a musical force to be reckoned with. He brings the Boilerroom at Pukkelpop as easily to the boiling point as he lights up the airwaves with his weekly shows on Studio Brussels. He’s an unstoppable, musical phenomenon with a notorious rep stretching far beyond his native ground. That a milestone as being in the business for 30 years needs to be celebrated is a fact. That it will be a feast beyond proportions a must or it wouldn’t be a true TLP party. The festivities will not be limited to just a party as a compilation reflecting his long ride through the various shades of ‘urban’ music will accompany this landmark.

If you really want to feel what TLP is all about, you need to get down to the dance-floor and that’s what we’ll be doing on Thursday, November 10th in Vooruit. TLP has gathered a long string of artists who have been part of his musical journey, be it as influences, band-members, friends or sharing the visions and decks on various occasions. He’s super thrilled to welcome one of his biggest heroes, Grandmaster Melle Mel to come and perform on this special occasion. The man after whom his son is named, is one of the pioneers of rap and the very first artist to call himself an MC .. it doesn’t take a genius to see where the awe came from as TLP himself started his career as MC with Kick the Bass in 1987. Shortly after followed by Rhyme Cut Core in conjunction with DJ Grazzhoppa, a name that is obviously also found on the line-up. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves because there’s another, big, international guest heading the line-up with Tony Touch who’s also had a big influence on T’s career. Tony started as a B-boy but quickly became known for his legendary mix-tapes and later sold more than a million copies of his albums which include collaborations with all the biggest names as Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, ... Tony also represents the tropical touch in TLP’s musical taste.

And then, there are all those dj’s who have accompanied him for shorter and longer periods in his career. From DJ HMD, the king of the mix-tapes, on who’s radio-show on Radio Contact TLP appeared to Murdock who was his partner in one of his first shows on Studio Brussels. Most of us will also remember his days as TLP & Dors, the sound-system that set many festival floors from Dour to Reggae Geel and parties as City Queens next to many more on fire. Next up, his family, his partners in crime, his brothers, the ones with whom he has been making the Ghent nightlife unsafe for many, many years: Black Frank, Jah Zulu and Davidov. The rulers of many floors, starting with the famous Culture Club where they joined him on many of his all night marathons. Or his other buddies like Sense, Rakesh or Junior Goodfellaz with whom he touches basses regularly in that other institution he has called home, Charlatan. Of course there are many others who have crossed his path and there are so many more venues and parties that thrived on his skills, to name them all would be close to impossible but we think you are catching our drift...

Did we say, a party beyond proportions? Yes, we did! As if this long list of dj-performances wasn’t enough, there will also be plenty of guest-performances by big names with or for whom TLP has or feels big affiliations. Such as the guys from ‘Ertebrekers’ with Flip Kowlier on the wheel. Flip being the man who gave TLP his notorious nick-name: ‘The Porn King from Ghent’ after T lend his vocals to some tunes for ‘t Hof van Commerce’. Or Coely, crowned ‘Queen of the Belgian festival season’ by Studio Brussels. Also expect an appearance of hip hop band ‘Halven Euro’ with hip-hop legend and by now superstar Slongs Dievanongs and party Dj-icon, Nonkel Guy – another beast behind the decks as well as Dennis Worl.

So if you want to get down and feel the heat... come and join the wreckage on stage from the floor because wrecking it completely up is exactly what they will all do. TLP’s middle name isn’t Troubleman for nothing... And this is not just another birthday party...


Presale: €12.00 - Doors: €15.00
Doors open at 23h00
Tony Touch
Grandmaster Melle Mel
TLP Troubleman
DJ Grazzhoppa
Black Frank
Junior Goodfellaz
Nonkel Guy
Rakesh aka Blackjack
DJ Sense
Dennis Worl
Halve Neuro
Slongs Dievanongs


RecordBox#01, a prime selection of forgotten gems and timeless classics from the crates of TLP aka Troubleman, soundtracking a 30-year career in nightlife and music. Featuring tracks by Mother Freedom Band, Bill Withers, Teena Marie, Chronixx, The Family Stand and many others. Including download code for exclusive TLP mix.

2CD Deluxe Edition incl. 24p. booklet. - 2LP gatefold vinyl. - Available here


Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Concert Hall
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent
Entrance via Parijsberg, Nederschelde